low mineralized, mineralized and thermal
  • Complete hydrogeological research
  • Water intake facilities (spring tappinga, piezometers, wells)
  • Sanitary protection zone
  • Preliminary and final project of exploitation
Field work
  • Hydrogeological recogniscion and mapping
  • Regime monitoring of groundwater
  • Testing of exploitation wells
  • Geological reambulation
  • Geophysical research
  • Supervision during field research
  • Supervision during exploration drilling and development of wells
Creation Reports, Elaborates and Study
  • About hydrogeological research
  • About geophysical research
  • About performed condition water intake facilities
  • About reserves and groundwater quality
  • About analysis impact of the water intake facilities on the environs
  • About testing pumping wells and hydrodynamic analysis
Provision of following legal regulations
  • Opinion of RHMZ
  • Opinion of JVPC about of the water managment conditions
  • Requirements for the protection of nature environment
  • Requirements for protection of cultural monuments
  • The decision on issuing water management conditions
  • The decision for change of purpose use of agricultural soil
  • The decision on approval of hydrogeological research (exploration rights)
  • The decision on established and confirmed reserves and groundwater quality
  • The decision-approval on the Project use-exploitation of groundwater
  • The decision on water management approval for the use of groundwater
  • The decision on water management permission for the use of groundwater
We worked for:
- Gornja Toplica near Mionica

Sinalco Serbia Ltd.
- Gornja Toplica near Mionica

Knjaz Miloš Inc.
- Aranđelovac

DP Heba
- Bujanovac

Karađorđe Inc.
- Palanački Kiseljak

JP Vodovod i kanalizacija
- Pirot

Rajkovićki izvori Ltd.
- Rajković near Mionice

Voda Vujić
- Petnica near Valjeva

Aqua Bianca
- Radigojno near Kolašina